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    Bull Whip - Danger Noodle with Handle

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    These tiny whips have an small spring steel handle (6"). A flick of the wrist send the whip out and crack it. I started building these little devils as a way to train new/novice whip crackers in the idea of maintaining tension throughout a cattleman’s crack. Because of the whip’s unique construction it has 2 distinct bellies all in about 3/8" diameter. This whip is approximately 3' from the ball to the end of the top sheath, the cracker is 12-15" long so overall from hilt to tip this whip is around 4' long.

    We call them "danger noodles" because they are so very snake--like!

    Fluorescent Green
    Fluorescent Pink
    Fluorescent Turquoise
    Imperial Red
    Walnut Brown